Amstelveen top 10 for children

What activities for children are there in Amstelveen?

Do you dream of being an artist, an athlete or a talented musical star? Or do you just want to spend a day with your friends? Come painting, singing, dancing, jumping, running, rocking, rapping, watching, listening, laughing and enjoying. In Amstelveen you can do it all! This is the 'Amstelveen top 10 for children'!

What’s On guide for Children

Elsenhove Play Farm

Play and learn about Dutch farm animals. At Elsenhove Play Farm you can explore in an adventurous and natural playground. Your parents can enjoy sustainable organic juices, fresh tea and delicious snacks at the farm cafe t Huis. Everything is homemade!

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De Meerkamp Swimming Pool

Amstelveen's only real swimming pool is open throughout the year. Enjoy a day of fun in the water both indoors and outdoors (in the summer months).

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The Amstelveen Puppet Theatre

Perhaps the most famous puppet theatre in the Netherlands. There are lots of charming and fun shows for young and old. Mum and dad usually enjoy it, too. Is it your birthday? Then you can see the show for free!

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Amstelveen Flower Farm

Playing, climbing, doing craft or carpentry and of course picking flowers. There is a lot to do at the Amstelveen Flower Farm. And not just in the summer, but all year round. Also a great venue for your birthday party!

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Amstelveen Cinema

Cinema Amstelveen is located next to the Schouwburg Amstelveen. The cinema in Amstelveen has a large and diverse range of children's films, family films, thrillers and much more for all ages.


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Platform C

Do you love music? Do you like drawing and painting? Or do you prefer musical, dance and theatre? At Platform C you can do it all! Platform C offers lessons and courses for old and young. From 'Music with Babies' to the 'Pop band class'. From ‘Preschool Dance’ to ‘Street Dance’. From 'Musical class' to 'Drama class'. Everything with a 'C' for Creative! 

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Amstelveen Sport

Amstelveen Sport has something for all ages. With new, local activities every week and usually free of charge. Go exercise in your neighbourhood or take part in the special activities during the holidays.

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Where do you leave mum and dad? - You know how it goes: you have only just started and dad, mum, grandpa, grandma or other big people are getting bored! Luckily, Amstelveen also has a lot to do for adults. Here are a few tips.