Swimming Pool De Meerkamp

Everyone can enjoy water fun at De Meerkamp swimming pool in Amstelveen. Come for a recreational swim in the wave pool, competition pool, instruction pool, target group pool or outdoor pools. Or participate in various aqua sports.

The De Meerkamp swimming pool in Amstelveen also has an outdoor path. You can book online.
The outdoor pool is open every day from 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM. You can swim for 55 minutes. The pool has room for 24 swimmers every hour.

Improve swimming skills?
At this swimming pool in Amstelveen you can go for various swimming lessons, namely:
Swim ABC for kids
Swimming skills
Mermaid swimming
Swimming lessons for adults
Aqua sports at the swimming pool in Amstelveen
You can also enjoy aqua sports at De Meerkamp swimming pool. Sign up for aqua sports at the Meerkamp swimming pool.

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Opening times

  • Check the website for current opening hours.


  • Check the website for current rates.