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Relaxed shopping, leisurely walks, dining out and discovering contemporary art. Amstelveen combines greenery and tranquillity with everything a vibrant city has to offer.

The greenest municipality in the Randstad

With the sprawling Amsterdamse Bos, unique botanic gardens and outstanding polder areas, Amstelveen is the ideal city for lovers of greenery, peace and space. Read and learn all about the green oases of Amstelveen.

Green spaces in Amstelveen

Historical Amstelveen

From a village of peat-cutters and farmers, Amstelveen has evolved into a modern and green city with international appeal. Dig into the rich history of Amstelveen.

Historical Amstelveen
Amstel fietsen Amstelveen

Food and drinks

Feel like relaxing on a terrace along the Amstel or having a nice lunch in the City Centre? Perhaps you fancy dining at a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in the Oude Dorp neighbourhood? Amstelveen has it all. And with top restaurants serving Asian cuisine, culinary enjoyment in Amstelveen takes on an international character.

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Amstelveen with kids

Explore Amstelveen with the kids? Check the 10 tips for Amstelveen with children.

Top 10 with kids