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Discover spring in Amstelveen

The Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) is famous all over the Netherlands. The forest, which is three times larger than New York's Central Park, offers you a place to relax, play sports or attend an event. Amstelveen has no less than 15 parks, including six botanical gardens. Two botanical gardens are crowned 'national monument'.

Come and enjoy the greenest municipality of the Randstad!

Some of the best routes in Amstelveen

Outdoor Activities - The most fun activities in and around the green areas of Amstelveen

The Most Beautiful Green Spaces of Amstelveen - From Parks to Polders

The Heemparken: Nationally and internationally renowned

They are a real Amstelveen invention: the beautiful community botanic gardens. Parks created using species that are 'native' to the Netherlands. Discover rare plant species such as Bogbean, Brookweed, and Lesser Celandine, and enjoy the tranquility and nature in these picturesque parks

The Heemparken

Middelpolder: Green spaciousness next to the city

A great place to escape the hustle and bustle, while the city is closer than you think. A beautiful spot for birdwatchers, as there are plenty flying around and settling in this area.


Amsterdamse Bos: Three times the size of Central Park

The Amsterdamse Bos consists of meadows, ponds, polders, and waterways and has over 200 kilometers of cycling, walking, and horseback riding trails. So, plenty to explore!

Amsterdamse Bos

Cherry Blossom Park: a soothing piece of Japan

Every spring, the 400 flowering cherry blossom trees attract thousands of visitors from home and abroad. But even outside the flowering period in March/April, the oval Cherry Blossom Park is an ideal location for finding peace and reflection.

Cherry Blossom Park