Experience spring in Amstelveen

The first lambs are already walking in the pasture and along with the warmer weather come blooming flowers, outdoor activities, and exciting cultural opportunities.

Go outside! - Enjoy nature

Het Amsterdamse Bos

Play at the goat farm, climb among the trees in Fun Forest or eat a tasty pancake at Boederij Meerzicht. There is always something to do in the Amsterdamse Bos.

Visit the Amsterdamse Bos

Stroll through the Heemparken

See the most beautiful native plants and flowers in the Netherlands in one of Amstelveen's national monumental parks. The perfect place for a walk or to relax.

Visit the Heemparken

Cherry Blossompark

It is never possible to predict exactly when the trees in the Blossom Park are in bloom. The cherry blossom has a flowering period of about two weeks in March / April. The exact period depends on temperature, wind and rainfall. 

More information about the flowering period

Events during the spring