The Cherry Blossom Park in Amstelveen

Every spring, the 400 flowering cherry blossom trees attract thousands of visitors from home and abroad. But even outside the flowering period in March/April, the oval Cherry Blossom Park is an ideal location for finding peace and reflection. Find out more about a unique piece of Japan in the Netherlands.

 This year, visitor crowds will be monitored closely and the park will be closed when it gets too busy. You are likely to be welcomed by hosts and hostesses. Take into account queues and the fact that there are no toilets. For current updates you can keep an eye on our website and the website of the Amsterdamse Bos.

Flowering period

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly when the 400 trees in the Blossom Park will be in bloom. The cherry blossom has a flowering period of about two weeks in March / April. The exact period depends on temperature, wind and rainfall.

Every tree has a name

The cherry trees in the blossom park were donated to the municipality of Amstelveen in 2000 by the Japanese Women's Club. Every tree in the symmetrical park has a name: 200 trees have a Japanese female name, 200 trees have a Dutch female name. Flowers and nature have a symbolic meaning in Japan. The cherry blossom ('Sakura') represents a new beginning. At the same time, the blowing of the blossom refers to the fleeting nature of life.

Come visit!

Doorweg 32, 1182 DB Amstelveen


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