Restaurant SAAM intertwines Dutch and South African culinary traditions, as evident from the fusion of the words "South Africa" and "AMstel." Utilizing authentic and honest ingredients, an exhilarating culinary experience is crafted, complemented by a friendly and welcoming ambiance.

Within SAAM, the Dutch chef Margot Janse shines. For many years, she was the chef at Le Quartier Fran├žais in Franschhoek, South Africa, repeatedly securing an honorable place on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Another notable feature of SAAM is its co-owner, the renowned sommelier Koen van der Plas, whose influence is reflected in the wine selection. The perfect wine is recommended for each dish. The offering of non-alcoholic beverages is also remarkable. In contrast to many other restaurants where this aspect is sometimes overlooked, SAAM thoroughly considers the harmony between the non-alcoholic drinks and the diverse dishes.

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