Ateliers 2005

Ateliers 2005 is a workspace for professional Artists located in an historic school building in Amstelveen. Several studios can be found here as well as space for creative and cultural activities.

The historic building, the former Jan Ligthart School (1859-1916) was originally a municipal school, built in 1953 and designed by architect H.L. Menselijk. At the time, the building was intended to bring together children from different backgrounds. Ligthart was a Dutch teacher and educational innovator. He made his name as director at an elementary school in Schilderswijk in The Hague and as a writer. In this so-called "municipal school" the classrooms are arranged around a large central hall and there are no long corridors. This project was an expression of changing social ideas with an emphasis on bringing together a community that consists of different cultures and backgrounds.

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Van Weerden Poelmanlaan 4
1185 HB Amstelveen
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