Logo of Amstelland Kunst (VAK)

Amstelland Kunst (VAK)

Amstelland Kunst, is a platform for professional artists. Amstelland Kunst is open to a diversity of art forms and aims to challenge and support each artists in their development.

Amstelland Art does not have its own premises. The strength of the platform is its pop-up existence that takes place at various locations and in changing collaborations. Exhibitions take place in vacant buildings, such as the Parelvisserslaan in Amstelveen, the Pop Up Kunsthuis Elsenhove or at guest locations such as the Raadhuis Amstelveen, Rabobank Amstelveen or in regular exhibition spaces such as CBK-Oost Amsterdam and Pulchri Studio Den-Haag.

Under the moniker "denieuwegalerie" Amstelland Kunst offers its artists an opportunity to participate in major events and art fairs, such as the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Amsterdam and Brussels.