Historical routes Amstelveen

Walk along the history of Amstelveen and discover hidden gems and striking stories.

Routes have been created throughout the city to help you discover the history of Amstelveen. The rich history can still be seen everywhere. Information panels along the route describe the points of interest in that location. Such as the unique history of the origins of Amstelveen, exceptional inhabitants, and remarkable buildings. Each route has its own theme: from the city’s origins as a centuries-old farming village to the Second World War.

From peat cutting to a culturally diverse city.

Walking route Randwijck - Elsrijk – Patrimonium

This route shows how the neighbourhoods of Randwijck, Elsrijk and Patrimonium were created. On this route you will also see evidence of the Second World War in Amstelveen. Look for the orange information panels in the neighbourhood.

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Each route connects two or more neighbourhoods. This allows you to view the similarities and differences between neighbourhoods. The routes are suitable for both walking and cycling. The individual panels each tell a different story and invite you to discover a small piece of Amstelveen. Each route is made up of 8 smaller routes. Historical background information can be found on this website, for each location.


Coming soon: more historical routes


The routes have been created in cooperation with residents and local neighbourhood organisations. They have contributed to highlighting the most important stories about their local neighbourhood. The historical photographs come from the local picture library, the Beeldbank Amstelveen and the Amsterdam City Archives, with additional material from other institutions and from private collections. Do you have ideas for a walking route in your area?

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Foto genomen in noordwestelijke richting, van de Dorpsstraat. Midden op de foto het Raadhuis.1962.

Where can you find signs of the Second World War?

Randwijck was known as the 'Black Village' but several resistance fighters also lived in the area. During the historical walking route through Randwijck - Elsrijk, you will find plenty of evidence of the Second World War. In 2020, Amstelveen will also celebrate 75 years since the liberation.

Herdenking bij het voorlopig monument voor gevallenen aan de Amsterdamseweg bij de ingang van het wandelpark Broersepark.

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