Naturally Amstelveen: take your best photo!

Nature is at its best in our city in the springtime. Wouldn’t it be great to capture this and win something nice as well? Enter the photo contest organised by Canon and Visit Amstelveen now!

Explore Amstelveen's polders, woods and parks and take the best nature photo. Upload this photo at together with an accompanying story. Also your story will be valued, because we are keen to know why you wanted to take that particular photo. Your gem could in fact soon be displayed in an exhibition at the Cobra Museum!

Every Amstelveen citizen is welcome to participate, young and old, from experienced to inexperienced and in possession of a camera or just a smartphone. A professional jury as well as a public jury will examine the entries. The best photos will be given a place at an exhibition, and the winner will also receive a great photo gadget. Also children are welcome to join and discover Amstelveen’s nature through the use of their cameras or smartphones. We even have a special prize for children up to and including 12 years old!

You can enter up to and including 21 April 2024. Grab your camera and (re)discover Amstelveen’s green areas!


The most beautiful reward for the winners is, of course, that your photo will be included in a special 'Naturally Amstelveen' exhibition at the Cobra Museum. But in addition, the following prizes can be won as well:

The jury

The jury consists of Bas Meelker (Canon photographer), Tom Zwerver (Amsterdamse Bos), and Moïsha Kruijer (Cobra Museum for Modern Art).

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a photo, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with the contest. The full terms and conditions can be read here.

  • The submitted photo must be taken in Amstelveen and genuinely captured by you.
  • Participants may submit a maximum of 3 entries, with no more than 1 photo uploaded per entry.
  • The size of the submission may not exceed 6 MB. Keep your original files, as we may require larger formats for the exhibition at the Cobra Museum.
  • Visit Amstelveen is granted permission to use the photo for promotion of the contest, such as sharing via the website and social media.
  • Photos may be edited. Permitted edits include cropping, sharpening, adjusting contrast, brightness, shadows, highlights, and white balance. Removing dust and spots is also allowed. Not permitted is cloning elements from other images and removing significant elements from the submitted photo

Not just for the pros

Often venture into nature with just your phone in your pocket? Then this contest is for you as well! In addition to composition, the jury also looks at the story behind the photo