Photo Contest

General Terms and Conditions

Contest Duration

  1. The Photo Contest commences on March 28th. All submissions must be received no later than April 21st, 2024, at 11:59 PM.

Organizer and Participants

  1. Visit Amstelveen is hosting this contest.
  2. The contest is being organized in collaboration with Canon, Amsterdamse Bos, and Cobra Museum for Modern Art.
  3. Canon serves as a judge and sponsor, providing prizes for the winner(s).
  4. Co-organizers (Canon, Amsterdamse Bos, and Cobra Museum for Modern Art) may contact participants regarding the potential use of submitted photos.

The Contest

  1. There is no age limit for participation. Entries from photographers under 12 years old are automatically considered for the children's contest.
  2. No purchase is necessary. Participation in this contest is free, and photos do not need to be taken with a Canon camera.
  3. Visit Amstelveen obtains permission to use the photo for promotional purposes, such as sharing it via the website and social media.

How to Participate

  1. To enter the contest, you must visit the contest page (URL) and submit the photo using one of the options provided there.
  2. In addition to the photo, submissions will also be evaluated based on context and description.
  3. The submitted photo must be taken in Amstelveen and captured by you.
  4. Participants may submit up to 3 entries, with a maximum of 1 photo uploaded per entry.
  5. The size of the submission must not exceed 6 MB. Keep your original files as we may require larger formats for the exhibition at the Cobra Museum.

Contest Terms

  1. The media must be original and created by the participants themselves
  2. The media submitted by participants may not contain the following:
    • Recognizable individuals, unless participants can demonstrate that those individuals have consented to the use and publication of their photo.
    • Logos and brand names, unless participants can demonstrate permission to use these logos or brand names.
    • Nudity or other elements that may be considered obscene, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate or illegal.
    • Elements that may infringe upon the rights of any third party.
  3. Photos may be edited. Permissible edits include cropping, sharpening, adjustments to contrast, brightness, shadows, highlights, and white balance. Removing dust and blemishes is also allowed. Not permitted are cloning elements from other images and removing significant elements from the submitted photo.
  4. Incomplete, invalid, or inappropriate submissions, or submissions received after the closing date, will not be eligible for the exhibition at the Cobra Museum or any prize. Alle inzendingen moeten tijdens de hierboven beschreven wedstrijdperiode worden ontvangen.
  5. All submissions must be received during the contest period described above. Submissions received outside the contest period will not be accepted for participation in the contest.

Personal Data

  1. Participants consent to the use of personal data, namely name and email address, for the purpose and within the context of the Photo Contest and other purposes outlined in these terms. The names of the winning participants will be displayed upon publication of the winning photos, both online and offline. The participant's email address and phone number will only be used for necessary communication regarding the contest.
  2. Visit Amstelveen is responsible for processing the personal data provided by participants in the context of participating in the Photo Contest ("Data") and acts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. Co-organizers (Canon, Amsterdamse Bos, and Cobra Museum for Modern Art) may contact participants regarding the potential use of submitted photos.


  1. The contest will be judged by an independent jury of professionals with diverse backgrounds in photography. Additionally, there will be a People's Choice Award. Jury members will assess participants based on:
    1. Creativity: How unique is the submission compared to what is commonly seen on social media? Is your submission fresh and original?
    2. Impact: What emotions or reactions does the submission evoke? Is the submission humorous, emotional, challenging, entertaining?
    3. Storytelling in the photo: Does the submission capture the imagination?
  2. Nominees will be selected between April 22nd and April 24th, 2024.
  3. The winners will be announced during the opening of the Nature Amstelveen exhibition at the Cobra Museum on Friday, March 24th, from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.
  4. In the event that the selection of the winner is delayed due to a technical defect or other reason, Visit Amstelveen will conduct the contest as soon as reasonably practicable and accepts no liability for any delay. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to discussion or correspondence.


  1. The following prizes are available:
  • Winner of the Jury Prize will receive a Canon camera: the EOS R10 with an 18-45mm lens;
  • Winner of the People's Choice Award will receive a Canon mini printer: the Zoemini 2 mini printer;
  • Winner of the Kids' People's Choice Award will receive a Canon photo printer: the SELPHY CP 1500.

All nominees can collect their photo after the exhibition at the Cobra Museum.

The prize (excluding the photo print) will be dispatched to the winners within 30 days of the announcement, unless delivery is delayed due to force majeure. ‚Äč


  1. Visit Amstelveen reserves the right to refuse any submission or to reclaim the full value of the prize if it is found that there has been abuse or a violation of the general terms and conditions of this contest.
  2. Visit Amstelveen is not liable for any form of loss, damage, or injury incurred by a participant in this contest. However, nothing in these rules will exclude or limit the liability of Visit Amstelveen for personal injury or death caused by proven negligence of its employees or agents. In the event of a dispute over the interpretation or implementation of the rules regarding the contest, the decision of the board of Visit Amstelveen will be binding, and there shall be no correspondence on this matter.
  3. If any part of these terms is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a competent court or other competent authority, that part shall be deemed to be excluded from these terms, which shall remain in full force and effect to the extent permitted by law.