Amstelveen 60 years

Will you celebrate with us?

This year, Amstelveen turns 60, and of course that needs to be celebrated. Throughout the year several small and large events will take place, spread throughout the city.

Wondering what there is to do? Soon the full program will be announced on this page!

Below is a sneak peak at the events being organized this year: 

Concert Noordhollands Jeugdorkest - With a afterparty in the foyer

The Youth Orchestra: 'Noordhollands Jeugdorkest', featuring no less than 7 young people from Amstelveen, will be coming to Amstelveen for the first time. Experience it with us! On the occasion of Amstelveen's 60th anniversary, a ticket for this musical experience costs only €3.50.

Has Amstelveen only existed for 60 years?

Yes, Amstelveen is a lot younger than you might think. In 1964, the municipality of Nieuwer-Amstel changed its name to Amstelveen. The reason for the name change in 1964 was primarily practical. After the war, the municipality of Nieuwer-Amstel experienced explosive growth and several centers emerged. The center of Amstelveen, located by the Poel, was the largest and most well-known.

Therefore, in 1963, the city council decided to change the name to Amstelveen. The new name was grandly announced. A parade of heralds on horseback, preceded by a police car, moved through the city with the message:

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