A vintage treasure hunt

Behind the Originals

2ndx.nl (SecondTime) is a big name in Amstelveen for high-end second-hand/vintage clothing. A true treasure house for the most beautiful and special exclusive designer clothing and vintage fashion. Taken over in 2008 by stylist and concept creator of "exchange your wardrobe", Coosje van Schie. She is daily looking for the latest trends and originality in fashion.

The thrill of the hunt!

Thrifting is the greatest treasure hunt of all time! If you dig through the racks, you'll always find something beautiful: vintage trousers, a discounted designer dress or even an affordable designer handbag.

You're also much more proud of what you're wearing because you took the time to do the detective work yourself. In addition, it slows down the cycle of clothes ending up in the landfill. It's the sustainable and affordable way to have a unique wardrobe and style.

Thrifter tips!

Will you also be a thrift topper? Below are a few tips to supplement your treasure map.

  1. Be a conscious bargain hunter! With low prices it's easy to buy too much, but think about the clothes you buy so you don't end up with stuff you won't actually wear.
  2. Go often and be patient! Stores like 2nDX are adding new supplies every day, so the more often you shop around, the more likely you are to find that one unique piece of clothing.
  3. Try things on! Even if it's your size, you can never be sure if it will fit, especially since there are several brands mixed up.
  4. Check out every section, even those of the opposite sex. You never know what beauty there is to find.

Exchange your warderobe

Shopping for second-hand clothes is not just about buying clothes, but also about selling them. This way you not only make more space in your wardrobe, but you also help your clothes find a second home.

The impact of clothing
It takes more than 7,000 liters of water to make the average pair of jeans. By buying a pair of second hand pants, you save enough to cook 700 kg of pasta. Be careful not to spill red sauce on your clothes afterwards!

Drop by!

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