Frites Affairs

Frites Affairs in Stadshart Amstelveen stands for unlimited enjoymen. So you can always enjoy unlimited nine different sauces that you may tap yourself. The sauces include surprising flavors such as seaweed mayonnaise and andalouse.

The specialty of Frites Affairs are their loaded fries. A large portion of fries with extra goodness on top. This could for example be beef stew, mustard mayonnaise and cress. Besides their standard flavors, they also have a new flavor of loaded fries with seasonal ingredients every season.

In addition to fries, the menu includes hot dogs and burgers. Fresh milkshakes and soft ice cream in different flavors finish to finish the mail. Frites Affairs Amstelveen is the first location where you can order from an interactive ordering kiosk.

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Stadsplein 89
1181 ZM Amstelveen
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