De Landing

The Landing, the theater complex on Uilenstede student campus, is a vibrant cultural center for young individuals in Amstelveen who love the arts.

This theater, complete with rehearsal spaces and studios, will serve as a breeding ground for students and emerging artists. In collaboration with the Boslab of the Amsterdamse Bostheater, it will give rise to its own productions and host various 'Language No Problem' performances for international students and expats, including dance and nouveau cirque. The Landing is truly a meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds in Amstelveen.

The name 'The Landing' for this building was chosen because it symbolizes the idea that students at Uilenstede often 'land' here for the first time; it becomes their first home after leaving the parental nest. For young theater makers, it will also be a place to establish themselves, develop ideas, and eventually spread their wings to other stages.