Groeigraach 4+

What's better: being tall enough to touch the ceiling in every room? Or tiny, like a mouse, able to hide away? Would you rather grow old, strolling peacefully and enjoying tea? Or stay young, playing forever? It seems everyone wants you to grow bigger and older. Then, only then, you'll count. You'll know everything, be allowed everything, know all the words, and understand the world. Right? But what if you don't want to grow up and prefer to stay small forever?

A playful, colorful show for preschoolers and anyone who's ever been a preschooler. Full of big jokes, tricks, delightful surprises.

Actors: Valerie van de Ridder/Roann Postma, Mitchell Hamel


  • Sunday the 7th of april 2024 from 14:30 to 15:30


  • €9.00