Matangi Quartet

The interpretations of Canto Ostinato have a special character. Because composer Simeon ten Holt has released the performance possibilities, a unique way of playing is created; as with improvisation, the musical choices are made at the time of the performance.

The Matangis race through the stretch and are in constant communication with each other. There is therefore no leadership in Canto Ostinato. The piece leads itself. Tension and relaxation create a desire that gives way to deep emotion. With live drawings by Gerard de Bruyne.

Drawings Gerard de Bruyne
The Matangi Quartet has asked Gerard de Bruyne to come and draw live during the concerts, where he is inspired by the performance of Matangi and his drawings can be seen on a large screen behind the quartet. In this way, each concert is not only a new musical experience, but a new visual work of art is created each time.


  • Sunday the 26th of march 2023 at 14:30