Exercise is good for both your mental and physical health. To help you start the year in the right way, we have collected some of the best initiatives and activities in Amstelveen on one page.

Excercise ganzenbord

Are you completely done with sitting? Then play an active game of Ganzenboord with AmstelveenSport!

You can choose between a version for adults and one for children. 

Have fun playing!

Lekker Licht Box

Drinking less alcohol is a popular New Year's resolution, alongside exercising more. With the Lekker Licht Box from Naeckte Brouwers you can still enjoy a low-alcohol beer in the midst of all that exercise.


Face to face with... top swimmer Kira Toussaint

In the new RTVA program 'Oog in oog' presenter Mathijs Groenewoud welcomes top swimmer Kira Toussaint to shed light on her personal story. Kira Toussaint grew up in Amstelveen and started swimming at swimming club De Futen in the Meerkamp. She is now a world record holder and has a chance of winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo.

Check out the interview here!

AmstelveenSport sports together with RTVA

The trainers of AmstelveenSport dove into the studio of RTV Amstelveen, where they made a series of five exercise videos to get the people of Amstelveen moving through their local television channel.

Join them!

Online Yoga - At these yoga studios in Amstelveen you can take classes from home